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Vancouver, (British Columbia, Canada)

Book launch and discussion at The People’s Coop Bookstore
Cuba-US Relations: Obama and Beyond
by Arnold August
Trump’s Cuba Policy

NEW on Cuba-U.S. Relations! On September 29, the US decided to withdraw 27 people from its Embassy in Havana leaving only a skeleton staff. (It was re-opened in the summer of 2015 a result of the accord reached by Presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama on December 17, 2014.) On October 3 at 9 AM the U.S. State Department phoned the Cuban Ambassador to Washington informing him that 15 Cuba diplomats must leave the US within seven days. On the same day, at 3 PM, the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez held a Press Conference in Havana. He once again strongly rejected the false accusation of “sonic” attacks against US diplomats.

What is happening? What are the facts?

This was a theme of his presentation contextualized in the book’s analysis of Trump’s Cuba policy.

Wednesday November 1st 6:30pm
1391 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, B.C.


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