Now Available in the UK and Ireland from CentralBooks (U.K.)

Now available in the UK and Ireland from CentralBooks (U.K.)

Cuba–U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond, by Arnold August.

Includes analysis on Trump.

Arnold August’s bristling collection of interventions vigorously debunks

U.S.-centric misrepresentations of Cuban society and of Obama’s new

‘regime change’ strategy. It also engages critically with Cuban intellectuals

and bloggers fighting in the ‘Cultural War,’ challenging the Revolution’s

cohesion since the 2014 ‘normalization’ process began. With its withering

anti-imperialism and comradely criticism of Cuban realities, this timely

book will open many eyes and raise many hackles.

— Steve Ludlam, senior lecturer (retired), University of Sheffield,

and editorial board member, International Journal of Cuban Studies

This book could not have been more timely. With Fidel Castro’s death focusing outside attention on Cuba’s future and with Trump’s election throwing U.S.–Cuban “normalization” into question, Arnold August contests the common assumptions and public rhetoric about Cuban politics and about that “normalization.”

— Antoni Kapcia, University of Nottingham

August provides the reader with a bridge across time and nations to understand the changes that have led to the “normalization” of Cuba–U.S. relations and serves as a guide to the Trump future.

— Helen Yaffe, London School of Economics

Here at last for English-speaking readers is a full overview of U.S. relations with Cuba from Cuban points of view. The book is essential background for understanding whatever President Trump has in store.

— Cliff DuRand, Morgan State University

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TrumpCubaPolicy: What Will Happen in Coming Months?

“TrumpCubaPolicy cannot take effect until the new regulations are established, a process that, according to the White House Fact Sheet, ‘may take several months.’”

 By Arnold August*, June 23, 2017

The official June 16 statement was barely uttered when the majority nationwide opposition to the TrumpCubaPolicy was once again reignited. Indeed, it was already extremely active and vocal before the Little Havana, Miami venue and date were announced on June 9. By stage-managing the event in Little Havana, Trump was preaching to the choir, one that does not even include the rest of Florida, where the majority of Cuban-Americans oppose the blockade, or at least the Obama policy of making the blockade somewhat more flexible. Trump’s  trademark manner of hand-picking events to spread the word across the country will not work. His Cold War rhetoric will not detract the forces that want to increase trade and travel to Cuba.

However, Trump’s policy is not yet set in stone. According to the June 16 White House Fact Sheet on Cuba Policy, the Treasury and Commerce Departments will begin the process of issuing new regulations only in 30 days. His policies cannot take effect until the new regulations are established, a process that, according to the Fact Sheet, “may take several months.” A lot can happen within this time frame.

Why Now?

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Cuban Expert Talks About US Relations and Challenges Ahead

Cuban Expert Talks About US Relations and Challenges Ahead

Arnold August, Cuban expert,  interview on USCubaRelations and other issues

In this interview, Iroel Sanchez Espinosa, Cuban journalist and author, discusses with Arnold August, Canadian-based author and journalist specializing in Cuba-U.S. relations, the current situation in Latin America and the Middle East, the political systems of Cuba and the United States and the impact on those regions with the arrival of a new administration in the United States.

See full interview here:

USCubaRelationsExpert. Trump to Miami June 16: Cuba policy

USCubaRelationsExpert. Trump to unveil his Cuba Policy on June 16 in Miami.

“An expert on Cuba, Arnold August offers a revealing view of the conflict between Washington and Havana and the foreign policy of the United States vis-à-vis the island.”

— Salim Lamrani, Sorbonne Paris IV University

“Arnold August is one of the foremost experts on Cuba and the 1959 Revolution…He puts forth a valuable, detailed account of US Cuba relations dating back to 1783 and continuing to the present time….August explains what this opening [Obama] means for both countries, and where he sees U.S.–Cuba relations heading after the death of Fidel Castro at age 90 and the rise of U.S. President Donald Trump. For those who want a fresh and reasoned perspective on Cuba and U.S. relations — and with it a perspective very different from that which we get from the mainstream Western media — this book is a must-read.”

— Daniel Kovalik, teacher of international human rights, University of Pittsburgh, School of Law

My latest book Cuba–U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond, including an analysis of the Trump Cuba policy is available in the U.S. from Amazon and in Canada from my publisher Fernwood Publishing. For more Endorsements, Table of Contents and About Arnold August: